Post Harvest Loss | Statistics

Post Harvest Loss - Statistics

  Food Corporation of India (FCI) along with Central Warehousing Corporation (CWC) and respective State Warehousing Corporations (SWC) are the primary agencies entrusted with the task of grain storage.

  India has incurred post harvest losses to the tune of 502,389 metric tons of rice and 133,206 metric tons of wheat at the state-run FCI storage facilities from 1997 – 2013, according to FCI in response to an RTI application .

  Based on the PHL information received from FCI, Minimum support prices for rice and wheat since 1998 – 2013 were availed from FCI’s website and minimum support prices were adjusted for inflation using the yearly wholesale price index data posted on the Office of Economic Advisor, Government of India.

  Computation of post harvest losses at minimum support prices adjusted for inflation amounted to nearly Rs. 700 crores or USD 122 million.

  Authorities at the Central Warehousing Corporation expressed their inability to provide details of post harvest losses in their storage facilities from 1997 – 2013 by citing section 7(9) of the RTI Act of 2005 “…it is not possible to provide the requisite information since it is wide in nature and not specific.”

  The quantity of post harvest losses may represent a small percentage of the total agricultural output in India, yet the monetary loss to the national exchequer is significant and the opportunity cost of lost agricultural exports will run into millions of dollars.

  India’s efforts to address the challenges of combating hunger, malnutrition and poverty will bear fruit when it realizes self sufficiency in protecting its surplus production of agricultural commodities during the post harvest cycles.

  • Post Harvest Loss Challenge


    In developing nations food losses are borne during the post harvest and processing stages, while developed and high income countries register food waste during the retail and consumption stages of the end consumer.

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  • Impact of Post Harvest Loss


    Food losses have a direct and negative impact on the food security of poor sections of the society by diluting the quality and safety of food made available to them, which challenges the economic development of the society.