Save Indian Grain.Org (SIGO) is a social enterprise, dedicated to develop and deliver modern grain storage solutions, subsistence marketplaces and agri-chain networks for small and marginal farmers at cluster of villages.

At Team SIGO, we design and deliver reliable and cost-effective hopper bottom and flat-bottom farm bins tailored to meet the storage requirements and budgets of small and marginal farmers. SIGO will strive to deliver fossil-fuel free solutions for grain drying and conditioning, and is sanguine about improving low-cost grain storage capacity in rural India.

Market platforms are aesthetically designed civic facilities tailored to serve as commerce hubs for Agri commodities in rural India. Located in a cluster of villages, Grameen Kalyan Kendras’ will allow farmers to showcase their harvest/ produce to traders and wholesale buyers from mandis and negotiate favorable prices.

Agri supply chain & cluster maps are cluster-defined, map-driven directories that seek to connect various stakeholders within the Indian agriculture sector. Improved supply chain linkages will reduce existing price volatility of agriculture commodities and ensure increased environmental & social benefits.

  • Grain


    By year 2060, India will be the most populous nation in the world with 1.65 billion people

    In 2013, the GDP growth rate in South Asia was 5.04%, yet 17% of Indian population remains malnoursihed !!

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  • Dairy and Produce

    Dairy and Produce

    In 2012, India’s annual output of food grains reached 285 million metric tons, a four-fold increase from 1970, while rice production touched 104.32 million tons, a three-fold increase since 1970.

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