Dairy & Produce

Fresh produce & Dairy

Grameen Kalyan Kendra (Village Development Center);

  It is a subsistence market platform designed to serve as rural hubs of commerce and facilitate new business opportunities for individual farmers at a village cluster level,

  It will offer farmers ample covered space;

  • to perform value-added services such as cleaning, grading & sorting of crops, fresh produce and dairy, and
  • package their harvest and produce for traders/ wholesalers in mandis, thereby ensuring seamless and profitable sale transactions.

  enable local artisans and craftsman such as carpenters, metal-workers, potters and sculpture specialists to showcase and sell their crafts through local vendors.

Grameen Kalyan Kendra (Village Development Center) will;

  be equipped with solar-powered lighting, overhead water tanks, wash bins, electronic weighing machines and dedicated loading bays for small trucks,

  have small office, proper drainage, overhead street lights and paved roads, and

  house a laptop with wireless enabled internet connection to help farmers with timely and accurate information about rainfall and drought conditions; the potential impact of these conditions on their crops and what they can do about it.

These Kendras may serve the;

  ancillary needs of the village and local administration as venue for social events like marriages, medical check-up and vaccination camps, as well as relief distribution centers during natural disasters.

At SIGO, we recognize the untapped potential for commerce in rural India and appreciate the urgent need for Grameen Kalyan Kendra at a village cluster level.