Flat Bottom Farm Bins

Flat Bottom Farm Bins

  SIGO offers farmers economical grain storage solutions through its line of stiffened flat-bottom farm bins.

  Features of SIGO stiffened farm bins include;

  • Sidewall sheets made from high tensile strength galvanized steel.
  • Heavy duty grain bin anchor brackets and bolts.
  • Large, easy to operate roof manhole and roof vents.
  • Weather resistant roof made from prime high tensile galvanized steel.
  • Roll-formed galvanized exterior stiffeners.
  • Exterior sidewall ladder and easy-access double doors.
  • Square floor aeration with custom foundation layout.

  At SIGO, we appreciate the unique storage requirements and cost-sensitive nature of our clients; and have tailored our design process to meet and exceed client expectations.

  A cost-benefit analysis of SIGO’s stiffened farm bins will ensure increased benefits of a lighter weight, cost-effective and stronger bin that makes better investment sense.

  Services include consulting, design, engineering, construction and support services from conceptual to completion state.

  Implementation of a top-notch quality control and assurance program coupled with superior customer service will ensure client satisfaction.

  SIGO is committed to high standards of engineering, design, construction, client service and technical support.