Peddy/Rice Shed

Paddy / Rice storage sheds

  Long-term storage of rice/ paddy is best achieved in moisture free cool dry environments with low levels of oxygen, and is easy to seal for fumigation against pests, rodents.

  Efficient use of space with clear headways and walkways facilitate better storage management and maintenance.

  New rice storage techniques call for the use of hermitically sealed storage of rice using 50kg superbags1.

  Low-cost, high tensile, high puncture strength super bags lined inside woven plastic bags ensure low levels of moisture and oxygen permeability.

  Features of SIGO Paddy/ Rice Storage Shed include

  • Temperature controlled small scale warehouses for storage of paddy.
  • Harvested paddy is threshed and stored in hermetically sealed 50kg super bags lined inside woven plastic bags.
  • Stacks of sealed paddy bags are lined up on wooden pallets and stored till market demand or prevailing market prices are profitable for the farmer.


SIGO’s experience team comprises of qualified engineer, architect, designer and project manager capable of delivering design, engineering and construction services for temperature controlled rice storage sheds.

1IRRI designed bags
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